Helping People
Set & Achieve
Important Goals

A Better Way
To Set & Achieve
Important Goals

A Better Way
To Set & Achieve
Important Goals

More success – Less Frustration

The support You Need to succeed
Fast, Affordable, Effective

Fast, Affordable, Effective.

Trusted by Professionals from these Companies and More

Trusted by Professionals from these Companies and More

Are You Tired of Setting the Same Goals Year After Year?

You are not alone. It's frustrating being stuck in a rut like this!

IMPLEMENTOR™ provides that little something extra we all need, to get unstuck and back on track. Let us help you unleash your potential.

IMPLEMENTOR™ was created to help people set goals, implement, execute and achieve.

  • Convenient & Affordable. We set out to  build a cloud-based solution that would make it easier and more affordable, than ever before, to achieve a world-class goal setting experience – anywhere, anytime!
  • The Support it Takes. The best things are seldom easy, so we deliver ongoing support, coaching and accountability each week, every month, all year long.
  • Real Results. We wanted to build a system that if followed, would all but guarantee your success.

It’s 2024, 12 years after our launch, and every year it keeps getting better. The system has a track record of proven results. Please, use this tool, share it with as many people as you can and you too will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.



It’s so easy. In less than one day you can experience an incredible life designing workshop. Start NOW!



A focused set of goals, each with a few actions to get started on and someone to help keep them front and center. This is what we do! 



This system fits quickly and easily into your daily routine.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you begin achieving!

Watch This Video – See How It Works!

Create a Better Business – With More Leads, More Clients & More Referrals.

Create A Better Business
More Leads, More Clients
And More Referrals

Core Features

Interactive, Streaming Goal Setting Workshops

It’s all done for you and ready to roll. Simply log in, push play and the streaming interactive goal setting experience begins. Brainstorming goals has never been easier.

Optimization Workshop Instantly Actionable Plans

Goals and lists are great, but not much will be accomplished without specific action plans, deadlines and some vision. You will experience all of this and more during the streaming optimization workshop.

Ongoing Coaching Support & Accountability

Many a New Years resolution is in the rear view mirror by February 1st. To start taking action, create momentum, and actually achieve you need support. The more consistent, the better. It’s built in and automatic, just choose your setting and we do the rest.

Personal Goal Setting Interactive Experience

The Personal Goal-Setting Workshop inside of IMPLEMENTOR™ is like being a kid getting to make a Christmas list. You get the chance to think about all the key areas of your life and what you want. It’s one of our users favorite experiences.

Business Goal Setting Interactive Experience

It’s down to business in the streaming Business Goal-Setting Workshop. Many of our users say it’s the best brainstorming opportunity they’ve ever experienced. Laying the foundation for an exciting time ahead – of action and accomplishment.

Action Planning Interactive Experience

During the Optimization Workshop this is where the rubber starts to meet the road. Time to start putting down in writing the actions that need taking and many of the details that will get things moving in the right direction.

Coach MAC The A.I. Coach Mobile Automated Coach

We all perform better when we have a Coach. Someone to help us stay focused. Someone to remind us of the most important things. A Coach helps us hold the vision and return to what’s important when we stray off course and go chasing after a squirrel. Coach MAC does all of this – using text, email and video.

Vision Boards Come to Life Your Own Personal Movie

You have probably heard of dreamboards or visionboards. We take these a few steps further and help you to create what we call Stream-Boards™. Powerful motivating images of what you want, combined with your favorite motivational soundtrack. Watch this movie regularly and it all but guarantees you’ll achieve what you are after.

Accountability Made Simple. 4 Key Questions

Skip this step and achievement is probably not going to be a reality. We built an effective, yet amazingly simple, process to create personal accountability into a DIY process and 4 simple questions. Keep this process going once or twice a month and you will achieve!

Kevin G.

Loan Officer

“I had my best year in 13 years. With year over year sales increase of nearly 3 million, that’s an almost 33% increase.”

John J.

Business Owner

“I started to see the difference right away. I am focused and I’m finally achieving things that matter to me!”

Linda F.

Loan Officer

“What an amazing program! 25 years in this crazy biz – yours is the most logical and practical I’ve seen.”