Frequently Asked Questions

Once you sign up, you will be emailed your access link. Upon login the Streaming Video Interactive Workshop leads you through every step.

You will also receive credentials for accessing the Members only Portal. Everything you need to make the most of IMPLEMENTOR™ is in there.

It’s so easy. In less than one day you can be fully onboard and ready to go. You’ll be chomping at the bit to share this Automated Coaching System with your co-workers!!

Yes. You can go to our contact form on the CONTACT page of our website and ask for help, or you may email us directly at and we will get right back to you right away. 

Skip this step and your achievement may not become a reality. We built an effective, yet simple process to keep you moving toward your goals. Coach MAC (Mobile Automated Coach) will make sure that 4 simple questions are sent to you as needed throughout the month.

You have probably heard of dreamboards, and 3×5 cards with your vision on them. We have taken those concepts into the A.I. community, and help you build your own personal and professional goals movie. Watch your movie on a regular basis, and it all but guarantees you’ll achieve what you are after.
You may cancel at any time. There are month to month options and pricing where you cancel anytime, There are also significant savings and discounts available for annual subscriptions. You can still cancel an annual subscription anytime and your subscription will expire at the end of the current year it is paid for.